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              合昌五金制品廠有限公司是港商獨資企業, 創建于1981年, 1990年在大陸辦工廠。; 該工廠20137月轉型;現工廠名字由深圳市龍崗區龍崗新生錦昌五金廠轉型為獨資錦昌精密五金(深圳)有限公司。

              主要業務是五金模具制作, 精密五金件沖壓, 快速鈑金, 鐳射切割,自動車床精密零件和產品表面噴涂、絲印等。 總部設在香港,錦昌實業公司是其附屬子公司, 錦昌精密五金(深圳)有限公司是其設在中國深圳的生產基地。經過近30年的艱苦拼搏, 至今已具規模, 工廠建筑面積8000平方米, 工廠占地面積5000平方米。 現有員工100人, 其中工程技術、管理人員近30人。

               先進的設備、技術和生產水平的不斷發展, 已形成制模、鈑金、沖壓、自動車床件、靜電噴涂、絲印、組裝等一條龍的生產能力。 公司恪守“品質佳、信譽好、價格合理、交貨及時、服務良好”的宗旨, 得到海內外客戶的廣泛認可, 并享有較高的信譽。

               合昌公司現有生產設備200多臺, 其中先進的德國數控沖床和激光切割機, 此外還有日本數控彎板機、瑞士高精度線割機。 美國、日本和臺灣沖床,精密自動車床、儲能碰焊機、靜電噴涂裝置等。

               展望未來, 合昌全體員工將會持續進行改善活動, 不斷提高自身水平, 與時代并進。 繼續引進先進的設備, 改善生產工藝和管理。 以便給客戶提供更優質的產品和服務。








                               COMPANY   PROFILE


             Established in 1981, Hop Cheong Metal Product Fty. Ltd. is an enterprise solely funded by Hong Kong investor. The factory was established  in mainland in 1990. It is change type on July 2013; and the factory name changed from Shen Zhen City LongGang District LongGang Xin Sheng Kam Cheong metal factory to sole proprietorship Kam Cheong Precision Metal (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.

             The company is mainly engaged in manufacturing hardware moulds, punching precision hardware parts, producing sophisticated parts with automatic lathe and quickly speed NCT and laser cutting; what’s more we are also engaged in surface painting and silkscreen of the products etc.  With the head office in Hong Kong , Kam Cheong Industries Company is a subsidiary of the company , Kam Cheong Precision Metal (ShenZhen) Co., LTD. is the production base located in ShenZhen , China.  Through over three decades’ hard work, the plant has been expanded in scale, with production floorage of 8000 square meters and land coverage of 5000 square meters. There are now 100 employees in factory , including over 30 technical and managerial professionals.

             With the uninterrupted development in advanced equipment, technology and production level, the company has the full capacity in tooling making and quick NCT , precision parts production, punching parts, electrostatic painting, silkscreen and assembling etc one package production service.  The company has been always insisting on the principle of “ Top quality, Good reputation, Reasonable price, Timely delivery and goods service “, enjoying the extensive reputation from the customers both at home and abroad.

             Hop Cheong Metal Product Fty. Ltd. has now over 200 units production equipments, including the numerically controlled punching machine and laser cutter imported from Germany, numerically controlled CNC bending machines made in Japan and high precision wire cutting machining center imported from Switzerland,  punching machines made in the Unit States, Japan and Taiwan, sophisticated automatic lathe, energy-reserve spot welding machines, electrostatic painting device, etc.

             Looking forward to the future, we all shall make joint efforts to continuously improve our business activities, service level and keep abreast with the age.  We shall introduce more up-to-date equipment and improve the production process and management so that we can offer better products and services to our customers !!


          版權所有: © 合昌五金制品廠有限公司

          電話: (852) 2897 2681,2897 2869 郵件:hk@hopcheong.com

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